We will be closed Monday, May 30, and will be 

closed until around January of next year.  
There are too many bees working on the leaking

& fermenting berries.  And there are not 

enough berries to make picking a fun and 

relaxing experience.  Thank you for making

this season a success !!!

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9015 Rosita Rd, Santa Rosa Valley, then follow signs.

 I look at text more often then e-mail and I'm more likely to respond to you after sunset. ..... 
We also have Hass avocados, but "we-pick" those for you. 
Hats and shoes STRONGLY recommended, and no pets please. 
         Gerry is pronounced "Gary."


9015 Rosita Rd. Santa Rosa Valley, CA 93012

The Gerry Family has been farming at this location in Santa Rosa Valley since 1945 and in Ventura County since the 1880s. We love farming and we would love to share our farm with you. We offer freshly picked blueberry boxes, a weekend u-pick and a gorgeous wedding venue. We look forward to seeing you in the fields!

9015 Rosita Road, Camarillo, CA 93012   |   805-469-3099   |   upick@gerryranch.com


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Short on time for our u-pick? We can pick for you.

Please contact...

Farmer Ken 805-469-3099

to pre-order a flat.

(12 6oz clamshells)

We'll need a 24 hour notice.

Picking your own blueberries is such an enjoyable and relaxing outing. Nothing beats a day on the farm. 

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Featuring expansive views of the foothills, valley, orchards, and fields, Gerry Ranch will take your breath away with its beauty and elegance. Gerry Ranch is perfect for your wedding.

“Truly the best blueberries my family and I have ever hand. On top of that, we had such a fun time picking with our children. Very friendly ranch.”

Justina Coker